Victor & Helen, 5 days in Burgundy, 2018
" Helen & I would like to thank you Gary, for arranging a very exciting high quality wine and fine dine tour for a group of our friends in Burgandy. We have learned so much about Burgandy wine from A-Z with your intriguing knowledge about the terroir has made us want to return to this place again. We will definitely return & highly recommend Pino Tour for a discrete wine & dine Tour, simply for the uniqueness of enjoyment on its own."  

Raitts & Yuens, 12 days in Bordeaux, Provence, Cote d'Azur 2018
“Thank you Cynthia and Gary of Pinotour helped us to arrange a very nice wine tour for us visiting various wine regions in Southern France.

We have enjoyed the trip greatly and of course, the visits to the various famous vineyards and wine tasting experiences are unique in their own special way. Pinotour has made good recommendation in picking wineries to show different style, characteristics and history of the wine. All are beautiful and spectacular. The visit of wine barrel making wasn’t in the itinerary but we appreciated this inclusion. We definitely gain knowledge and appreciate wine making both the science and art better after the trip......

As for meals, almost all the dinner places (fine dining and local ones) are superb with good ambience and delicious food. Paloma in Cannes is the one that we like most, absolutely gorgeous venue, great service and enjoyable dining experience......

All in all, we consider we have a successful trip full of fond memories. We definitely would plan anther wine tour with Pinotour to another region or country in the future."
Clemson Chan, 12 days in Burgundy, Rhône & Provence, 2017
" Cynthia and Gary are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Cynthia gathered the requirements from us, so she can plan and work on the itinerary. Gary being our faithful wine guide, always suggest the right wines for our lunches and dinners. I was amazed with his knowledge of French wines. If you just want to take home one word, PinoTour trip is very Customizable to your needs.”    

Dr. Robert Law, 2 days in Provence, 2017
“We asked Cynthia and Gary to arrange a two-day programme for a group of us after a river-cruise trip to the South of France. During the two days, we have a rich itinerary of sights ( Les Baux, Carrieres de Lumiere, Lavender Museum), and we followed Van Gogh's foot-steps for a while. The whole day visit to Chateau La Coste  with its modern installation arts was most impressive , and our group talked about these two days in South of France for months afterwards. 

Yes , a very memorable trip and Cynthia and Gary delivered with flying colors !" 

Sherry Ng, Burgundy, Rhône, Provence, Piedment, 2012 - 17
“I have joined Pinotour’s Europe trip since 2012. Each and every one has been very enjoyable. Gary and Cynthia have taken great lengths in planning the route and finding the best hotels for us to stay. They will take us to great tourist attractions as well as to some little known exotic scenic spots. They are also very accommodating and will cater to our every need, or even plan the trip according to our special requests. So I don’t have to to worry about anything, just relax and enjoy."   

Dr. Robert Law, 9 days in Burgundy & Champagne, 2016
“We had a very rich programme with hiking, sight-seeing, gourmet food, and wine-tasting (of course !) . Everything is well- planned and well executed. We had some very interesting vine-yards and cellars visits, and we came away with a much deeper understanding of Burgundy/champagne and their wines. Highly recommended.”
Ivan Ku, Burgundy, Rhône, Provence, Piedment, 2012 - 2017
“As a New Yorker that travel extensively for business, I really don’t have the time and energy to plan my vacation. So I simply leave it up to PinoTour. They never disappointed me.  Always surprised me with the unusual restaurants, spectacular scenery, and most importantly, the best food and wine. Cynthia and Gary are so friendly, they will make you feel comfortable and safe the whole time.  If you want to travel in Style, PinoTour is the way to go.”

Sino Cheng, 5 days in Bordeaux, 2016
“We enjoyed the Bordeaux tour very much, as we had the chance to visit the top wine makers there. The gallery of Château Mouton Rothschild is the most impressive one. We had good food in a few Michelin-star restaurants too. Overall, it was an amazing tour and a once in a life time tour of Bordeaux!”